Can You Use the PowerPoint Presenter View In Microsoft Teams?

Yes, you can use PowerPoint Presenter View in Microsoft Teams, and this blog will tell you how!

Microsoft Teams offers an inbuilt PowerPoint Live option that offers the same tools as the Presenter View.

PowerPoint Live was added to Microsoft Teams earlier in 2021. Unlike the Presenter View, PowerPoint Live does not require two screens.

It shows a different view from the one that people watching the presentation see. The presenter can view their notes and move backwards and forward to show slides from anywhere in the deck. Attendees can view the slides independently, or the presenter can make sure everyone views the deck slides simultaneously.

PowerPoint Presenter View in Microsoft Teams - PowerPoint Live


Microsoft Team’s PowerPoint Live – this is the view the presenter sees

Presenter’s View

You’ll see the slide in the middle of the screen, to the right are your notes; at the top, you can move backwards and forward, and at the bottom are thumbnails of the whole deck.

Sharing Your PowerPoint Deck With PowerPoint Live

To share a PowerPoint presentation:

  • Click the Share Icon
  • Select a recent PowerPoint presentation from the list on the bottom of the screen
  • Choose Browse for a file on the screen or from one in OneDrive

Moving Through the Deck

  • You can display the slides in order or use navigation arrows at the bottom left of the current slide
  • If you would like to jump back to a previous slide, you can choose one from the bottom of the screen and continue with the presentation
  • To prevent attendees from moving through the slides, click on the Eye Icon

View the Conversation and See If Someone Has a Question

The presenter can view attendee conversations and answer their questions by:

  • Viewing a Raised Hand Icon on their screen and then answering them

The Meeting Attendee View

Automatically, meeting attendees can see:

  • The current slide
  • Move around to other slides by using the navigation arrows
  • Sync their slides with the presenter

Different PowerPoint Live Views

  • You can use the Standout View so your audience will see your live image in the corner of the slideshow
  • Alternatively the Content View will show only your slide

Standout mode in MS Teams


Standout Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams

Video Demonstration

Here’s a video to show you how to start sharing your slides with PowerPoint Live in Ms Teams.

Additional Options When Presenting With PowerPoint Live

  • Change the text size of your notes by clicking the Increase or Decrease Font Size icons
  • Highlight content on slide with the inbuilt Laser Pointer
  • Annotate slides using either a Pen or Highlighter and Erase your annotations if you do not wish to keep them
  • Translate Text into 19 different international languages, via the More Actions button
  • View Slides in High Contrast to assist people with visual impairments

Thank you for reading this blog. I’d love to hear your feedback on these tools, and if you’d like to know more about how I can help you with your next PowerPoint presentation, check out my Services page! 

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