Securing Funding for Your Organisation’s PowerPoint Training! 

It’s October already, the schools are well and truly back, and our holidays are distant memories

If you are a budget holder within an organisation, you may be trying to get as much as possible out of your funds before year end! So, how does this relate to PowerPoint training? 

National Training Fund

Did you know that 1% of your Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) payment in Ireland goes towards training via the National Training Fund? The National Training Fund levy is set at 1% on reckonable earnings. 

The National Training Fund supports organisations like Skillnet Ireland, which has over 70 different Business Networks, many of which are industry-specific.  

The Skillnet Business Networks have funding for training for their members. While many offer partially funded places on public courses, some will fund in-house training for member organisations. The level of funding varies depending on the Skillnet Business Network, and some even offer funding towards any Irish registered organisations within their sector! 

Skillnet Training Panels

Empower Presentations is on the training panel for the following Skillnet Business Networks in 2023;

Aviation Skillnet is a business network for companies of all sizes in the aviation and aerospace sectors in Ireland. Network companies work collaboratively to share best practices and to respond effectively to the specific skills needed within the sector. The network addresses both technical and non-technical skills needs of members.

CitA Skillnet will focus on the skills gap in the construction industry in 2023. CitA Skillnet will aim to deliver courses to assist the advancement of technology in construction while continually upskilling with the technology available to control quality and costs, cashflow while still building safely.

County Wexford Chamber Skillnet is focused on supporting local enterprises to maximise their talent to meet their business goals by providing subsidised, quality-driven programmes delivered by experts in their field.

Engineering Skillnet supports the engineering sector through subsidised learning solutions, co-funded by Skillnet Ireland & network companies.

ICBE Advanced Productivity Skillnet is committed to promoting innovation and productivity through industry-led training for the manufacturing and service sectors in Ireland. Advanced methodologies and technology are key focus areas.

ICBE Business Excellence Skillnet’s objective is to develop the knowledge, skills and qualifications of employees by increasing access to skills development opportunities and encouraging ongoing professional development.

ISME Skillnet is a multi-sector learning network which provides subsidised training courses and certified Management Development programmes designed specifically for SMEs. We are committed to supporting workforce development through the provision of quality, industry-led training.

Next Steps

Thank you for reading this blog. I’d love to hear your feedback, so please reach out if you are based in Ireland and think you may be eligible for financial support for PowerPoint training, you can book a call to learn more here.

If you’d like to know how I can help your organisation to create professional fit-for-purpose slides, check out my Services page! 

To see more tips and tricks on slide design and working with PowerPoint, connect with me on LinkedIn

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